canada goose jackets sale is the percentage of the content of this dress in velvet padding in all the sub and silk velvet feather filling in. For example, buy a down jacket, filling is 90% white duck down and 10% of white feathers, it indicates that the amount of cashmere dress is 90%.
And when you decide to buy a jacket when it must first look at the collar tied product label cashmere containing less than 50% of you have noticed that it already does not meet the minimum requirements of the National Down Garment standards.
Charge down the amount
We do pay attention, charge down the amount of this stuff and cashmere are not the same, cashmere rate is the percentage count, and charge down the amount of mass in grams is charged into the real feather + velvet, size it, and clothing , length, style and other factors.
Down charge down the amount I had just bought the so-called twenty-two, which is 100 grams. Some friends like to buy, when to buy a down jacket charge down the volume, and feel that this will be more warm and thick, but you must not underestimate the amount of cashmere, velvet itself because of thermal effect is very large, 80% of the amount of cashmere than 75% of the warmer.
Bulkiness measure is an important indicator of the degree of warmth down internationally, referring to the value of the volume occupied cubic inches under certain conditions every ounce (30 grams) of down. For example, one ounce of down occupies 600 cubic inches of space called the fluffy down 600. Generally, plump, mature birds, its high bulkiness down, on the contrary, small birds is low bulkiness.
But in the end bulkiness what use is it? Kind of argument is that charge down the amount represents a velvet "quantity", and determines the amount of cashmere velvet of "quality", bulkiness is also an important measure. Under the charge down the amount equal, the higher the number Peng, warm function better. Since the bulkiness is higher, the heat contained in the air down, and therefore the better the insulation performance.
General price down jacket, bulkiness between about 450-500, higher prices down jacket, bulkiness can reach 600-900.
canada goose outlet Down from the international community better (many of which are designed for outdoor sports) models, the high number of Down canopy charge down the amount is generally not high, such as the interior of the intermediate layer specifications generally, in the words of convenient outdoor sports compression carry. And as outer wear warm outdoor sports, usually high charge down the amount, the lower canopy number between 650-750.
But if it is for our usual everyday wear, then I think a few tents in 450-500 enough to use, charge down the amount greater need for higher thermal effect.
Pick doorway
By sharing the face of the basic concepts, then down jacket, and we will talk about the selection of jackets doorway.
1. Down smell taste, or if you find the pungent smell of direct ignored. It has been explained that the goose reason is more expensive than duck goose tasteless, and duck flavored. But as I have already mentioned, the way duck and goose processing is the same, there is the taste of velvet (whether or duck goose) belong to substandard products, do not buy it.
2, look at the label on the jacket of the basic information indicated are complete, mainly cashmere, charge down the amount, type and manufacturer fluff basic information, but generally do not contain information bulkiness, which point you can directly consulting Purchasing Guide.
3. Carefully touch the jacket lining, if you feel tingling, that is described in this dress feather higher levels (See above, the specific reasons for the concept of "down"), the quality should not be good . If you do not sting feels not difficult to handle, then that this dress is relatively high amount of cashmere, warm and good.
4, the next you can be a few fancy jacket together, with the same intensity, holding down the surface of clothes, spring time, the faster the better the quality of the jacket (showed fluffy and high). As for the charge the same amount of cashmere jacket, the greater the volume (ie, the fluffy down jacket), the better the quality.
5, the last is hard to pat down jacket, if there is fluff or dust appears to explain this jacket its anti-velvet fabric poor or suture needle too, so will Yuechuan Yue jacket thin jacket, waterproof and permeability is not good, this is not recommended for purchase.
Here I share the physical store to pick Down doorway. For online shopping, then, especially overseas purchase, I think the most important is to look at all the relevant parameters jackets and other users reviews. But I think I'm still not online shopping online shopping in the true sense - I will carry out a study of the line, and not a decision based on the information presented online orders. So if you have a wealth of experience in online shopping areas, canada goose sale namely through online text and image data, not the physical survey of scouring the roses down jacket, I welcome you to thread the exchange!